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PostSubject: Melanie   Sat Jul 19, 2008 8:46 pm

Hi, I wrote this story a lil while back, Its not christian and a tad dark, not as in evil, but as in sad. And don't worry, I'm not suicidal


As a child, I was always fairly lonely. I had friends, but not many. I was always different. I was always a little more, let’s say, ‘Unique’, than the other children. Never was I really flat out made fun of, but more so was I left out and alone. Then when I was about 12, I met a girl. Her name was Melanie, and she was my age, almost to the exact date of birth.
Melanie was just what a kid like me needed, not in a sexual way, but as in a friend. She was almost a carbon copy of me; we had almost everything in common. She would listen to something; I would pick up the CD the next day, and LOVE it. I would watch something on TV, I would tell Melanie about it. The next week I would get a phone call from her telling me she loved it.
The sad thing about me and Melanie, we lived on opposite sides of the nation. She lived in Portland, while I was stuck in a hellhole called Camden, New Jersey. We were able to talk daily though, both of our parents had long-distance calling. I loved to talk to her; it was the joy of every day of my life. I would go to school and think of nothing more than coming home and talking to Melanie.
Of course, there was always that once in a while that me and Melanie both found friends in our individual cities, we would drift apart for a while, but eventually those friends proved themselves unfaithful and Melanie and I would call each other up and talk for hours at a time. We would go on about how much life sucked, and how one day we would meet one another.

Melanie didn’t go to school, while I was stuck there from eight to three. I found quickly that it was a bad idea to tell anyone about her, all I got was crazy looks. People didn’t believe in Melanie; they never talked to her, so they didn’t care when I would tell them, “Melanie likes that book too!” or “Melanie would like you!” All that I got from saying things such as that, was a simple nod and a “Ummhum”

Melanie was the greatest thing to ever happen to me, and that ever would happen to me. Yet, she was on the opposite side of the nation. How cruel the world can be, to separate me and my best friend by thousands of miles. Melanie and I made a pact to meet one another in person, probably over in Portland, sometime within the next couple of years. Melanie did not want to come to the Hellhole here, otherwise known as Camden. Who could blame her?

Years passed, and when we were 17, I had just made enough cash to meet Melanie in person. We planned the trip and meeting long and hard. We agreed that I would fly to Portland International, and she would meet me at the gate.
I had waited 5 lonely years to meet the girl of my dreams, and finally I had the consent of my parents, and the money. They took me to the airport and saw me off.
Those five hours in the air were the longest five hours I had ever experienced, not only was I excited that finally was I meeting Melanie, but also I hated flying with a passion. So did Melanie, just another thing we had in common.
Eventually the flight ended, without problem, at PDX. I practically ran out of the plane, looking everywhere for an average height brunette with green eyes and a sign reading my name. After looking through the crowd of families and friends greeting one another once or twice, I decided to grab my baggage and head out to the main lobby to see if perhaps Melanie had gotten mixed up and decided to meet me there.
After standing in the lobby for an hour or two, just waiting for my dream girl, I realized something must have happened to her. I got on the nearest payphone, and dialed her number. All I got was an automated message saying, “We’re sorry, but the number you are trying to reach has been disconnected and is no longer in service.”
At this point I was confused and worried, what had happened to my Melanie? My sweet, sweet Melanie. Why isn’t she at the Airport? Why is her phone disconnected? Melanie had told me her address, so I hopped in the first cab I saw and made them take me to her house. As we were driving, I saw we were entering a bad part of town. Melanie had always told me she had a big house, in the suburbs. Why were we here?
The cab driver stopped the cab and told me that we were here. I got out and stared at the so-called house barely standing in front of me. Had Melanie lied to me? I went to the door and knocked, no one came. So I went in.
The house was abandoned, not a soul in sight. After a couple of minutes of combined hopelessness and betrayal, but yet still wishing I could find her, I went back outside, it was getting dark. Glad that my cab was still there, I got in and told him to take me to a hotel.
Luckily, I had brought a good amount of emergency money, enough to buy me a decent hotel room for a night. I hated hotel rooms, too germy, who knows the last time the sheets were changed? Last night a couple could have been getting it on in this very bed. Melanie always hated hotel rooms too. Yet another similarity.
I had really thought that Melanie and I were meant to be together forever; all those nights that we would talk for hours about nothing, all those days she comforted me when I got home from the wonderful Camden school system. Apparently they meant nothing to her. She must have been playing me all along, she just want to see how far she could get me to go for her. I had never felt this horrible in my entire life. Who knows if Melanie even lived on the west coast?
Then, a little thought crept from the back of my head; no one had ever talked to Melanie, except me. I have never seen a picture of her. Melanie was just like me. No one thought Melanie was real! That’s because Melanie wasn’t real! She was just a figment of my imagination! That’s why when I got real friends, we talked less, and when those friends left me, she came back. All those nights I was talking on the phone, I was talking to a dial tone!
Melanie, the girl of my life, the reason I got up every morning, was not real. Does that mean I am not real? Are any of us real? These questions came too fast and hit me too hard. I saw the Balcony of my fifth floor room, and I saw an escape. An escape from the hellhole of Camden, New Jersey; an escape from the loneliness of school; and an escape from the loneliness of my life. I threw myself out the window, and crashed seconds later into a car window.
When I fell, I had no ID, none in my room either. Very dumb idea. I didn’t die from the fall, I only broke my back. I have not been able to speak yet, and probably never will. I never will move again. I am locked in my own world, I can never get out. Not until I die, but with the Healthcare nowadays, that won’t be for a long time. So forevermore, I will be trapped in my own world of loneliness.

Told you it was sad. Haha
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PostSubject: Re: Melanie   Sun Jul 20, 2008 5:06 pm

I read this on extreme christian teens.
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PostSubject: Re: Melanie   Sat Jul 26, 2008 6:04 pm

Oh my goodness. Shocked I didn't expect that one....Creative story though! For awhile, I thought it was real... Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Melanie   

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