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 Purity & Love

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PostSubject: Purity & Love   Purity & Love Icon_minitimeMon Mar 16, 2009 7:49 pm

I love my boyfriend Isaiah Macatire.I really do.He's sweet,he's smart,he's neat and clean.We met in church.I'm glad jesus bought us together.Being a dating christian teenager is hard.There are some things that you and your boyfriend wish you could do but just can't.I remember our first kiss.It was wonderful.We were alone in the living room becuase my parents went grocery shopping and they trusted us.We were on the couch watching passion of the christ.He was sitting with his arm around my back.I hunched over to pick the remote up off the floor,when I came back up,our eyes met and he grabbed my arms and moved the hair out of my eyes and we kissed.Kissed{While we were watching passion of the christ.Wierd,I know.}Our lips let go right when the authorties came in.What a relief!I said,"That was nice." He said,"I know."A few minuites after the kiss,his authorties came to pick him up.That night,I coulden't sleep,kept thinking about that kiss.Seeing each other the next day was wonderful.Isaiah told me how he coulden't stop thinkig about that kiss.He came to my house after school that day becuase he stayed the weekend.It was a friday.His authorties went to bed around 12:00 becuase parents are old people.They said we could do whatever we wanted as long as we didin't destroy anything and we were not too loud.We had nachoes and choclate chip cookie dough ice cream{Both Our favorite foods.Isin't that somthin?}We brushed the pearly whites until they were shining,then we went back to the living room.Isaiah gave me a quick kiss while we were watching spongebob squarepants.We snuggled and he kissed me again and then it started to happen.We kissed and then we started to do other things.No authorties,all alone.My heart started beating faster and faster.I felt his heart to becuase I was against his chest.Suddenly,I heard this soft voice in my head.It was saying to me,Angel,"What about the purity promise you both made me?"I don't want you and Isaiah to break the promise you both made me.I knew that was JESUS.Isaiah said,If we have sex now,it's a sin.I'm glad he said something before I did.I thanked god for not letting the authorties catch us.After Isaiah turned the television back on,he said,"I heard jesus the whole time."He said to me,"what about the Promise you made me?''The promise to stay pure in this relationship."I heard him saying the exact things to me,too.I said,"Then,we did the right thing and I'm glad he caught us."Isaiah,love you,I said.Ditto sweetness.We snuggled back together and continued to watch spongebob squarepants.As I lay on his chest,I hear the steady heartbeat of his sweet,golden heart.After that night,{Saturday}we had sex edcuation at our church.Mr Hart,the youth teacher said sex was an amazing and holy experience to be shared by husband and wife.He also said the non-saved might not see it that way but us as christian teenagers should.He also said,"If you have sex while you are a teenager,not married or both it is a sin.""When you get married,the most important part of your wedding night won't have any meaning whatsoever."I thought about this the whole class."On the car ride home with angel,I still thought about it and I looked down at my purity ring and did a slow,gentle sigh of relief."We held hands the whole car ride home."She sat in the middle so we could cuddle,"Her authorties looked through the rearview mirror and smiled. I felt breathing against my side and I looked down and she was asleep.The wind was blowing her hair becuase the window was down.She looked amazing."That's what I call beauty sleep." I looked at the stars shining like diamonds and the moon shining in all its glory the whole car ride home."When we got to my house,she offered to walk me inside.I took her arms and gave her the last kiss of the night.I said,"I love you angel,she said I love you too sweetness."I went home to await church that blessed saturday night,For I knew sunday morning I would see her amazing,beautiful,glourious face again.
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Purity & Love
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